FVR Spitfire Array

The Powerpoint presentation below was given by Fred Hopengarten, K1VR, at the 1998 Dayton Hamvention Antenna Forum.  Designed by John Kaufman, W1FV, this antenna presents some interesting possibilities to help you get louder on the low bands.

Spitfire dimensions for several bands  (added 04-Dec-2001)New

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The FVR Spitfire Array (A “poor man’s 4-square” for Top Band)

Adding Gain to an Existing Vertical

FVR Spitfire Array (2 switching directions)

Direction Switching Details

FVR Spitfire Array (“Poor man’s 4-square”)

Spitfire Elevation Pattern

Spitfire Azimuth Pattern (25o elevation)

Computer Model Gain

Computer Model Front-to-Back Ratio

Spitfire vs. 4-square

Parasitic Element Tuning Procedure

Parts List

K1VR Spitfire Installation

K1VR Relay Switch Box Installation

Spitfire Variations

Spitfire Broadside Array

Broadside Array Azimuth Pattern

Array Status at K1VR

The FVR Spitfire Array (A poor man’s 4-square for Top Band)





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