Whether we like to think so or not, the YCCC and the FRC aren't the only contest clubs out there. Here are some others.

Alabama Contest Group
Bavarian Contest Club
Central Texas DX & Contest Club
Central Virginia Contest Club
Contestgroup Oude Maas (PI4COM)
CTRI Contest Group (WA1RR)
Contest Club Finland
Frankford Radio Club (FRC)
Florida Contest Group
Great Lakes DX/Contest Club
Grupo DX Panamericano (6D2X)
Kentucky Contest Group
Mad River Radio Club
Madinina Contest Club (FM5BH)
Marconi Contest Club (IQ4A/IR4T)
Martlesham DX and Contest Group (G0KPW, M6T, M7T, M8T)
Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club
North of Scotland Contest Group (GM7V and GZ7V)
Northern California Contest Club
Northern Neck Contest Club (KM4M)
Paraguana Contest Team (YW1A)
PI4CC Contest Group
PI4TUE Contest Group
Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC)
OMNIBUS Contest Club (JA1YPA)
Radio Club Cerkno (S50E)
Radioclub Ljubljana (S50L)
Rhein Ruhr DX Association (Germany)
Society of Midwest Contesters
Southern California Contest Club
Tennessee Contest Group
Tessello Contest Team (IQ4T)
Top of Europe Contesters (Sweden)
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