The following YCCC-area DX Cluster nodes have Telnet (terminal) ports on the Internet.


Call Host Name or IP Address Software
NN1D nn1d.ath.cx:7300 DXSpider
K1EA dxc.k1ea.com DXSpider
K1EU k1eu.dynip.com AR-Cluster
W1GQ dx.w1gq.net AR-Cluster
KB1H dxc.kb1h.com:7300 DXSpider
W1NR dxc.w1nr.net DXSpider
K1RK falara.whoi.edu DXSpider
K1TTT k1ttt.net AR-Cluster
K1XX dxc.k1xx.com:7300 DXSpider
N2KI dxc.n2ki.com:7300

(on the web at www.n2ki.com)

WC2L dxc.wc2l.com AR-Cluster
K2LS dxc.k2ls.com DXSpider
AA2MF dxc.aa2mf.net AR-Cluster
W2PS w2ps.tzo.com DXSpider

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