PacketClusterTM User Manual

YCCC Sysops Association

Covers Version 5 PacketClusterTM Features
October, 1996 (Updated November, 1999)

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Getting (and Staying) Connected


Choosing a Node

Distance and Equipment Recommended

Recommended Parameters

Chapter 3. Setting Your Own User Parameters

Chapter 4. Using Spotting Network Services

Standard Databases

Custom Databases


Contest Mode

System Information

Chapter 5. Inter-User Communications


Posting and Reading Messages

Buying and Selling Over the Air

Immediate Communications

Chapter 6. Getting the Most out of the Network

SET Commands

Spot Filters

Internet Connections

User Command Files

Hints for using the Cluster Effectively

Quick Reference

PacketCluster is a trademark of Pavillion Software. DXCC is a trademark of the American Radio Relay League.



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