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Hall of Fame

Upon nomination by a member in good standing and unanimous approval by the current Officers, Awards Manager, and Advisory Council of YCCC, another present or past member may be inducted into the YCCC Hall of Fame to recognize that member's superior long-term achievements and contributions to the club and contesting. The nominating member shall provide a biography of the candidate to support the nomination. If approved, the induction shall be announced at the next General Meeting where the nominator shall be asked to present the biography of the inductee.

The award will include a wood plaque presented to the inductee, Honorary Life Membership, and posting of the inductee's biography and other relevant accomplishments on the YCCC Hall of Fame listing here on the YCCC website.

Founding Members 2012

John Headen Thompson, W1BIH

I hereby nominate John Headen Thompson to the YCCC Hall of Fame. John became a ham in his teens in the early 30’s, and was on top of his game as DXer and Contester for over 75 years. He was close to the top of the all-time DXCC honor roll and usually the last man standing at any DX Dinner countdowns. He was a top gun contester with numerous scores near or at the top of the list throughout his active years.


John Headen Thompson, W1BIH
Plymouth, MA/Curaçao

"A super CW Op...K1VV"
"As a kid growing up in CT, W1BIH was my hero...K1ZZ"
"One of my Contest heroes...W6PH"
"Always one of my heroes...W2RU"

John is a good friend who I first met in the Connecticut Wireless Association. I was privileged to operate with him in Field Days and later from his station in Curacao. John took First Place more than once as PJ2/W1BIH and PJ9JT. He had his station in Curacao from 1971 to 2000, hosting many big name contesters and helping to put Curacao on the map, at least among DXers and contesters.

The "T" in PJ2T honors John Thompson for all his accomplishments from Curacao before he retired from there at 90 years of age, and sold his place to the "Signal Hill" contest group. John is a member of FOC, QCWA, the CQ Contest Hall of Fame (number 14) and a Lifetime member of YCCC. John is certainly worthy of being the first nominee to the YCCC Hall of Fame.

Jack Schuster, W1WEF

Victor W. Paounoff, N4XR

I wish to nominate Victor W. Paounoff, N4XR, to the YCCC Hall of Fame.

Many YCCC members of longstanding had contact with Vic many years ago when they were just starting in the hobby. Some made first contact through the NTS system. Others knew Vic as a work partner while he was manager of various electronic departments in numerous countries. Some of Vic's longtime friends are W1WEF, W6PH, W1BIH, W1AX and W1RM.

 Victor W. Paounoff 

Victor W. Paounoff, N4XR
Gettysburg, PA

Working in Canada, Japan, and Haiti, Vic's most popular DX call was HH2VP.

Vic has been active in contesting throughout his amateur career and in the early days he constantly placed very high sometimes winning in the old CD parties and participated in the two week long DX contests. Vic has been #1 Honor Roll for many years. The wall of his shack has plenty of plaques to prove his contesting skills.

A member of The CT Wireless Assoc where FD was an all out effort usually battery powered. Vic is also a member of FOC and CWOps.

Whether in East Longmeadow Mass with a TV mast for a tower or from a hotel roof in Haiti Vic remained active and to this day though living with his daughter in Gettysburg, PA . maintains a modest station of a Ten Tec Eagle and vertical antenna strapped to the chimney.

Before moving to PA Vic had been a welcomed sight to almost all YCCC meetings and many of us consider Vic our mentor. I am sure other YCCC members can fill in much more information testifying to the character and worthiness of Vic receiving this recognition.

At the age of 94 he was a contributing member of our little subgroup of "The Barnstormers Contest Group" until moving away. He still stays in contact with most of us via email and an occasional CW QSO.

I am honored to placed Vic Paounoff's name in nomination for the inaugural class of the YCCC HOF.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dick Pechie - KB1H

Roger Corey, W1AX

I nominate Roger Corey, W1AX, for membership in the YCCC Hall of Fame. As W1JYH, living in the Connecticut River valley, Roger compiled huge scores in the Sweepstakes, DX tests and CD parties. He and his neighbor W1EOB (N4XR) had many close races to the finish

 Roger Corey 

Roger Corey, W1AX
Westwood, MA

Roger was also active in Field day with the Connecticut Wireless Association. As a young contester Roger was always one of my heroes. When I got invited to take part in the CWA field day operation, I always looked forward to meeting Roger in Westwood and the opportunity to garner tid- bits of contesting and DXing strategy on the drive to and from FD. Of course getting to see Roger and the other masters of the CW art operate was an experience I will never forget.

Roger was a member of the 128 Contest club, one of the predecessors of YCCC and a charter member of YCCC. He is the longest time US member of the First Class CW Operators Club (FOC). It is my pleasure to nominate Roger Corey, W1AX, to membership in the YCCC Hall of Fame.

Al Rousseau, W1FJ

2013 Inductee

David Robbins, K1TTT

In 1984, David Robbins moved to Peru, MA. He was very interested in contesting, and became very active in the Yankee Clipper Contest Club. The Amateur Radio contesting world has forever been changed by the generosity and ingenuity of Dave, K1TTT. For those of us who know Dave well, we understand he does not like to do things small. In fact, his first tower was 150 feet of Rohn 45. Dave became infected with the contest bug and quickly set out to build his superstation. That work continues today.

 David Robbins 

David Robbins, K1TTT
Peru, MA

The focus of many multi-multi station owners is building the best possible station and crew. The paradox for many inexperienced operators is they cannot get a seat due to lack of experience. Through Dave’s generosity and open-door policy, countless numbers of operators have been able to hone their skills and to learn technique from experienced operators while operating a top-notch station. Many of these ops have gone on to become great single-ops or members of other multi-op teams. Many continue to return to the station they love.

The life blood of any contest is activity. Dave’s generosity has led to many #1 repeat finishes in many contests outside the Big Four – such as the CQ and ARRL 160 Contests, WPX both Modes, ARRL and CQ RTTY Contests, the Russian DX Contest , the New England QSO party and ARRL Sweepstakes, to name just a few. Pick any weekend when a contest is on, and there’s a good chance someone will be operating from Dave’s place.

One could measure the success of Dave and the station simply by the number of trophies and plaques on his walls – too numerous to count – but a far better measurement would be the number of guest operators he has hosted and the friendships he has made.

During the course of building a superstation, you learn quite a lot of tricks. Dave’s generosity extends to the internet, where he has chronicled the ups and downs and all the neat tricks he has come up with on his web site, K1TTT.net. He has compiled the story of his station into a book, which is available for free from his site. Judging from the number of hits it receives, Dave’s work is used by thousands around the world.

Many of us around the world know Dave though his station. However, that station is just one piece of Dave’s contribution to this hobby and our sport. Not only does Dave have a passion for contesting, he has a passion for software. Dave has written his own software and contributed to many popular packages. How many of us used his CT TCP networking gateway? He has contributed countless hours to some of the larger free amateur radio applications, such as N1MM Logger. Dave was instrumental in getting real-time scoring up and running, helping with both the N1MM support as well as with the getscores website. Packet Spotting, in all its forms, from VHF links to internet DX Clusters to the RBN, has been greatly influenced and supported by Dave.

Dave served YCCC as President in 1990 and Webmaster in 1995. Always a supporter of YCCC, Dave has hosted many regional meeting at his place. Dave has been known to pay the membership dues for new contesters operating at the station to ensure his ARRL DX Contest operations were 100% YCCC.

A relentless supporter of Amateur Radio, Dave has taught classes, hosted the Boy Scouts many times, and actively watched for intruders to our frequencies. He is always happy to share his wealth of knowledge. We are a lucky club to have such a ham and outstanding individual in our midst. For these reasons, we nominate David Robbins, K1TTT, to the YCCC Hall of Fame.

Nominating Members: W1VE, NJ1F, W1WEF


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